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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 4, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> an update from an earlier segment, $273,000, his family still needs more to retire their mortgage. for more information, go to title to towers. >> bill: good morning, breaking news. the u.s. jobs market is strong, hiring his way up, almost double the expectation in december, 312,000 jobs added so much more in that blowout number coming up inside america's newsroom. a new power dynamic in washington, democrats and republicans gearing up for round two of the meeting on the border wall battle. i am bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: i am sandra smith, it is president trump versus speaker pelosi, and the stage has been set. at 11:30 a.m. eastern time in the white house situation room. if that is where congressional leaders will be squaring off over border security. speaker pelosi getting a bill through the house yesterday
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without a penny for the border wall in the white house said that is not going to fly. >> we need protection in our country, we are going to make it good come of the people of our country wanted. without a wall, you cannot have border security. hopefully we are going to work together and get lots of things done. >> what we are asking the republicans in the senate to do is to take yes for an answer. a wall is in immorality. it is not who we are as a nation and this is not a wall between mexico and the united states that the president is creating here, it's a wall between reality and his constituents. >> the president has made it very clear, no wall, no deal. but we really are prepared to negotiate. we are prepared to talk. >> bill: we have you covered all angles now, doug mckelway is live on the hill. first, we begin with kevin corke life from the white house. good morning.
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>> good morning, it is finally friday. we made it through quite the tumultuous week at the white house which continues actually at 11:30 as democrats come here for that meeting over the situation room. white house officials tell me they are hopeful they will finally listen to the people in the front lines and listen and give them the resources they need to protect the american people. yes for this new era of divided government, the president talked about that on twitter this morning and impeachment which a lot of people have been talking about already. just taking power in the house yesterday and this has been a talking point. here's what he is cited. how you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong, no collusion with russia, had the most successful first two years of any president, and is the most popular republican and party history, 93%. yesterday as you know, he stopped by the briefing room for the first time, they say they support the shut down if it means getting more money for the wall.
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also yesterday, speaker pelosi said walls are immoral. she said they are expensive and ineffective about which white house press secretary sarah sanders this morning said this. >> i wonder if she's going to go on a crusade and take down all the fences and walls across this country. i certainly hope not. i'm sure the people that have them around their homes, the institutions that have them whether it's the vatican or anywhere else are not going to be really happy with the fact that nancy pelosi is calling their walls on their security immoral. it's never been immoral to protect people. >> while the white house hunkered down for the latest rounds of talks, vice president mike pence has a message for democrats. >> the american people know that walls work and we heard from border agents today in the oval office that in areas and sectors where they were assigned to deal with illegal immigration, the flow of narcotics, human trafficking, all the threats to our communities that we face of our
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border that once they build a wall, you saw illegal immigration, it dropped precipitously. if >> so you will not accept a deal that does not include a wall. >> the president has made it very clear. if >> that meeting in a situation room which means will probably get that pick instead of obviously video and maybe even get a read out. if we do, we promise. >> a big part of our coverage today. >> met nancy pelosi is sworn in as a new speaker of the house. of the first person in more than 60 years to regain the speaker's gavel after losing it. they will not allocate any money from president trump's border wall. live for us on capitol hill, and a sign of progress towards ending this shut down? >> it is really hard to see where the exit ramp is here and it appears that both sides are more entrenched than ever.
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that said, there was a sliver of hope yesterday afternoon after nancy pelosi was handed the gavel is a new speaker of the house of representatives. the thinking was she might have more freedom to negotiate with republicans after having won the speakership because she would no longer have to seek the votes of the far left open borders wing of her party. that sliver of hope came to a crashing thought in her first press conference when she said this. >> we are not doing the wall. does anybody have any doubt that we are not doing the wall? that's it. >> contrast that with what vice president mike pence told tucker carlson last night. he said no wall, no deal. it does not take a rocket scientist to infer from those two comments that we are at an impasse right now in the 14th day of the government shutdown. add just a little bit of icing to that bitter cake, last week, the house passed two bills which democrats hope would end the standoff, one to fund six government agencies through
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september 30th and another bill to separately fund the department of homeland security through february 8th but neither one of them included a solitary set for a border wall meeting both sides, both bills were dead on arrival in the senate. so all that happy talk of bipartisanship yesterday afternoon was just that, bipartisan happy talk. the rank and file on both sides here are extremely frustrated with both sides of the island both houses. >> if it were up to me, go into a room and say we are not going to leave until we open up the government again. it is not that hard. >> it is pretty frustrating to arrive and have half of the congress on the house i'd say we are just not interested in getting anything done. >> not all hope lost, there was that meeting between congressional leaders in the president set for 11:30 this morning. >> sandra: we are waiting for that on "america's newsroom." >> bill: what to bring your former house speaker newt gingrich with me now and good morning to you in washington, d.c., great to have you on. going to paint a big picture
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with you right now. do you believe this is a situation where both can save face? >> no. i think the weights being developed, speaker pelosi is basically aligning herself with her left wing and i think for her to back off will be very expensive. the president has said publicly so many times now that he won't sign anything that doesn't pay for border security and that for him to back down will be very expensive. i think this is one of those cases where exhaustion is the only thing that's going to work. people get anxiety, have massive tv coverage of every meeting but the fact is neither side is tired enough to start moving towards an agreement. as you know, i advocated several weeks ago to provide a legal path for the dreamers as part of a package that would include border security. we think the democrats would be
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very interested in trying to help 700,000 people who came here as children, but the fact is they dislike trump a lot more than they care about young latinos. >> bill: the congresswoman from michigan, the freshman congresswoman, one of two muslims selected this past election was on camera last night at a rally and said the following, just want to catch the end of an offer is in a question. >> when your son looks at you and says you won, bullies don't win. i said they don't because we are going to go in there we are going to teach them. >> bill: filed these papers already for bills on the house side. i don't know where that goes but instead of going at that, explain to us what you think the relationship will be as it develops between president trump and nancy pelosi when you consider as soon as he was sworn in yesterday, went into the
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briefing room and congratulated her, how do you see this relationship developing over the next two years? >> i don't think we know yet. her left wing is going to be deeply bitterly hostile to trump, many of her senior members and sharing committees going to be issuing all sorts of subpoenas. her natural pattern will be to be tough. she has been a very, very successful politician as he pointed out at the beginning of the show, she is the first person since sam rayburn 64 years ago to recover to be speaker twice, so you know that she is formidable, you know she works hard and you know she's tough. and she represents a san francisco liberal view which now is no longer the left wing of her party. she is now sort of a moderate by the standard of the younger more aggressive and more radical members. so she is sitting there thinking what is she gain giving into
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donald trump? meanwhile, the president is i'm sure frustrated but he only has two tools, basically. he can veto a bill or stop it in the senate and he can rouse the country and convince the country. if enough people decide that they really want border security, that they really are worried about things like the illegal alien who shot the policeman in california, i think there's a point where some democrats will start to say we've got to find a solution. we could be weeks away from that. this could go on easily into february or march. >> bill: another topic here, you wrote a piece about mitt romney's comments the other day and here's the headline, newt gingrich according to you, why is romney attacking trump a of offering smarter solutions, i hope you learned to find common ground for the common good. what is his objective as he sets
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himself up? >> i have no idea. >> bill: what you think is driving it? >> i think really bad advisors. it's a way to make noise but it actually isolates him and puts them in a much narrower smaller group. there was one survey that came out about a week ago that in a primary, president trump beats him 79-7 in the senate itself, most the senate republicans don't regard it as very clever of a freshman before he's even sworn into decide to attack the president of his own party and very smart, been a governor, he's been a very successful businessman, he could come in there and have really positive ideas. he could work with people like olympia snowe and lamar alexander and people who are really good at bipartisan efforts and he could make a real contribution but to posture as the anti-trump i think is really narrow career path and i just think my guesses he has some advisors who who thought it was
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clever and they're going to discover that it shrinks and isolates romney who is a much smarter and more competent person in that particular strategy. >> bill: thank you for your time today, mr. speaker. a lot more coming up later in the program today, white house deputy press secretary is here in about 15 minutes, 9:30 eastern time. house minority whip steve scalise will be inside that meeting but first, he will come here to be the headliner at 10:00 a.m. eastern time so a jam-packed show, a lot of big issues to get to you and we shall for the next two hours and 47 minutes. >> sandra: this jobs report blew away expectations and just seeing now the total u.s. employment topped 150 million for the first time, the economy is cranking at least here at home so we will talk to hogan gidley about that. meanwhile, that robust jobs report, the month of december exceeding expectations and what it means for your bottom line. we are going to break that down for you. >> bill: it is also being called a matter of sovereignty
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and national security, can we expect progress today? what will we get at that meeting at the white house, congressional leaders going back inside the situation room. texas senator is here to react to all of that coming up next. >> there are lots of things that come across that southern border that we need to get control of. president trump is determined to make that happen. - why are drivers 50 and over switching to
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aarp auto insurance program from the hartford and get other incredible benefits like lifetime renewability. not an aarp member? the hartford can help you join in minutes. call the hartford to request your free quote at... or go to... >> sandra: fox news alert, the new jobs report showing the hiring bonanza in the month of december, a whopping 312,000 jobs were added to spy the ongoing trade war with china and slowing global growth, meantime unemployment rose last month to 3.9%. that is up .2% from november. the labor department says this reflects a surge in job seekers, more people out there looking for work showing optimism about future growth.
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>> border security is an important part of american sovereignty and keeping americans safe. there is a center roll to make sure that we know who is coming in and what is coming into our country and president trump is doing the right thing and making sure we understand what is moving across that border and we do so with enough border security so we have confidence we can do this on behalf of the american people. >> bill: mike pompeo last night arguing that it is part of protecting the country. republican senator john cornyn from texas here, good morning to you. what a day it was yesterday. would you see this going now? >> i don't see much traction, when they want to get to a negotiated outcome, they find a way to get there. seems to me that nancy pelosi wants capitulation by the president. they're not willing to talk. the right and income at an impe
6:18 am
right now. it has >> bill: i don't know if you are aware of his comments, he seemed to break. congress needs to take further action but that work should be done when the government is fully open. let democrats explain why they no longer support border security. take that last part, go ahead and pass the bills that are on the table. do they make it a black-and-white issue? >> unfortunate, this is a pretty black-and-white issue and what we are talking about is if we took up the house bill, we would pass a short-term continuing resolution to february the eighth in the same problem would be staring us in the face again. this is a fundamental difference of opinion between democrats who apparently don't believe in border security to see the flow of drugs in human trafficking and other contraband across the border, they apparently don't want to do anything about it versus those of us who say let's come up with a sensible combination of technology, barriers, and personnel to try
6:19 am
to stanch the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking. if this be when you would disagree with senator gardner's characterization of how you frame the argument because that's what he is arguing. >> i think he is correct and the way we frame the argument but i don't see passing the house bill gets us anywhere because the president has said he would veto it if it was pass the senate so we would be back right where we are. we need to come up with a negotiated solution will be need to get people to the table who are willing to negotiate in good faith. >> bill: do you believe they have not been negotiating in good faith? >> i believe they have not. it's clear that nancy pelosi had to secure the votes she needed to become elected speaker and that meant accommodating the most radical elements of the democratic membership of the house of representatives. and they are fine with no border security print they want to abolish ice, and do nothing about the heroin and the human
6:20 am
trafficking that comes across the border along with illegal immigration. that's an outrageous position, it cannot stand we will not agree to that. >> bill: now that she has the gavel, you are of the mind that she's got more latitude? >> i think that's right. now that she is back as a speaker, she does have some flexibility. we will see whether she is willing to make a deal. i think senator schumer, the democratic leader in the senate is looking to her to take the lead on the negotiations but this is a deal that has to be cut between nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and donald trump before senator mcconnell will bring it up on the senate floor and pass it. if this be what i don't know if you heard newt gingrich, but he suggested is going to go on for a long time. >> i think he's probably right sadly. this is beyond ridiculous. it's about semantics. we all want to know what the experts have told us we need to do to secure our border, it's a
6:21 am
combination of barriers whether it is fencing or wall or a levy barriers that are used deal with the flooding and also illegal immigration. we need the technology and then we need the personnel, and a lot of the drugs that come across the border come across the ports of entry for a lot of commercial trade and traffic goes and we need additional resources there and personnel to be able to detect and stop the flow of the illegal drugs that contributed to the deaths of 70,000 americans last year who died in drug overdoses. this is a very serious matter, and we cannot -- we will not fold. >> bill: it's your home state. senator cornyn, thank you for your time today from washington. >> sandra: president trump offering his condolences to the family of a california police officer who authorities say was killed in the line of duty by illegal immigrant. coming up, how the family is coming up, how the family is responding (straining) i'll take that.
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call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. >> bill: president trump reaching out to the family of a california police officer shot by an illegal immigrant the day after christmas. the president called his wife offering condolences and praising his time on the force. his brother reggie remembering his fallen brother earlier toda today. >> ron was very into the outdoors, so he wanted the sun to start moving around asap so he could take him outdoors. he was waiting for the sun to talk, walk, and it just breaks my heart that he'll never be able to see that. >> bill: now raising money to help his widow and a 5-month-old son, an organization run. to donate, visit tunnels to the web site right there on your screen.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, vice president pence defending president trump's plan to withdraw american troops from syria saying it is appropriate because the u.s. has driven isis out of the syrian city of rocco. here is penn's with tucker culberson tucker carlson last night. >> he is -- number one priority would be destroying isis. the reality is we have defeated isis. we're going to continue to take the actions that are necessary to take what's necessary in the region but the president is determined it's no longer necessary for us to have american forces in harm's way in northeastern syria to accomplish that. >> sandra: joining us now is illinois congressman, a member of the house foreign affairs committee. i appreciate you coming on the ground this morning. very clearly they are, vice president defending president trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria based on the defeat of isis.
6:27 am
what does this mean for the long-term fight against the terror group? >> i am worried about it and the vice president is doing his faithful duty to support the president. the president has a right to make this decision, he has commander-in-chief and i don't question that. i worry that this echoes a lot of what we heard when president obama said we are leaving behind a stable iraq and he talked about this new terrorist group as the jv team and not the real thing and that new terrorist group became isis. isis is that idea, not just the territories of being able to defeat than the idea by continually denying the territory is important. my concern is if we leave too early, was on the wrong message but i am encouraged that it seems like it's going to be more of an orderly transition than it seemed at first. >> sandra: he is getting the support, retired army colonel douglas mcgregor, he came out publicly and praise the president's decision saying that our overseas commitments have been a disaster for everyday americans, but then there was
6:28 am
that open criticism from lindsey graham, obviously a republican saying that this 30 day pullout was too hasty, then said the president plan to slow that down. i just wonder how you expect the president plan to actually be deployed based on the criticism he received in the wake of the announcement. >> i don't know. it's going to be a decision that he has to make with his military advisors that tell him the best way to do it but i think the thing to keep in mind is is not just isis and iraq. it's also blocking the iranian position and iran wants to have a highway to resupply a theoretical highway to be able to resupply the enemies of israel and our position in syria has now blocked that from happening. so as not just isis, it is also the iranian prospects if you ever want to get to a negotiated solution, you have to do it from a position of strength in syria is going to be a negotiated solution. if we leave, we pulled ourselves away from the table of
6:29 am
negotiation. has >> sandra: i want to leave on this thought and get your thoughts on an upcoming meeting there. >> lots of work is left to be done, but i am confident in the next short period of time, president trump and chairman kim will get the chance to meet again and truly create a much better, safer america with less threat of not only nuclear weapons being launched at us but nuclear proliferation as well. >> sandra: final thoughts here on what sounds like overly optimistic set up for this next meeting. >> keep in mind, this negotiation is going to be a long time. this one is playing out publicly unlike the iran deal which was bad but that was done behind closed doors so there's going to be a lot of ups and downs. i'm still optimistic we have the right people on this case and i certainly hope we get to a denuclearize north korea arouse the alternative isn't going to be pretty. >> sandra: good to have you this morning, thank you.
6:30 am
>> bill: just about 9:30 here in new york, this will be interesting. opening bell from wall street hitting right now, markets opening a bit higher after a blowout number on the economy that came out about 60 minutes ago, there is the bell. we saw the economy. that was yesterday, right? that's today. the estimate for december was 177,000 jobs. we reached 312,000 jobs in the month prior revise even higher as of the economy is cooking. we're going to get into this today and see how investors react, how the markets react, could bring in a whole new argument about the fed and what it does and on and on it goes that's a pretty good number based on what we saw yesterday. >> sandra: dow up 300 points and more in the first 30 seconds of trading, plus president trump get set to meet with congressional leaders at the white house with both sides digging in their heels, so he will blink first? of deputy press secretary hogan gidley will weigh in on all of this, he joins his next life.
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: the stock market is now open and there is a lot of green out there today on a friday morning, the dow first 4 minutes of trading up 350 points, just an hour after we learned that the economy, the u.s. economy added a better-than-expected 312,000 jobs last month. let's bring in white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley, good morning. the president must be pleased to see this and have it reported that this economy is soaring with more job data than expected in december. >> absolutely, and it kind of blows my mind the people are continually surprised by how good this economy is doing under this president. 72% of people now in the job market actually came in from the sideline so that highlights just
6:35 am
how bad the barack obama economy was because so many people had just given up hope and stop looking for a job. now there are more jobs and there are people to fill them because of this president and his policies in this job number is indicative of the successes of the policies he's put into place. >> sandra: referencing the fact the unemployment rate did go up by .2% to 3.9, but that indicates that more people are jumping back into the workforce by looking for work. but it's not all good. apple yesterday led to a severe loss in the u.s. stock market because of slowing growth in china and they talked about the problem with trade and others no deal that has been reached there. how close is the president getting on this because it is causing global economic concern. >> is the president has said, china wants a deal, he wants a deal. both countries, he's fine of both countries succeed, the problem is china is cheating and the international community knows this. the problem is no one has
6:36 am
actually held china's feet to the fire, the president is doing that, sending our team over there to discuss economy and try to get something done and we expect in this new year that we come to some type of an agreement when trade deal with china so that both countries can benefit and we as americans stop getting taken advantage of by foreign nations. >> sandra: before i go, said something that really stuck out to the wall street community, set a heck of a lot of u.s. companies that have sales in china are going to watch their earnings downgraded until they get a deal. does the president agree with that comment, is that really the forecast from the white house? >> i haven't talked to the president about that comment specifically but we were talking about today is a great economy is this country is experiencing for the first time in eight years because of a failed policies of barack obama, the fundamentals of the economy are strong, we are moving forward in a way that no one thought possible or even probable. in fact, predictions were all
6:37 am
doom and gloom and now we see because of the deregulation, the cause of the tax cuts, because of the president standing up for american workers, industry and business that we are back and people want to come here in droves to do work and to do of this president. >> sandra: we are watching the stock market today enjoying some nice gains, two hours from now, behind you in the white house, congressional leaders will meet with the president. will the deal get done today? >> i hope so, but that's up to the democrats. so far, all they're doing quite frankly is offering status quo solutions to a crisis situation. what we see on the border is something we have never seen before. in fact, couple of days ago and the situation room, secretary nielsen attempted to give a briefing to people in congress, those big eight folks from the house and the senate, both sides leadership i'll democrats cut her off, refuse to listen to the statistical data that shows
6:38 am
170,000 convicted criminals were caught coming across the border last year. almost 4,000 terrorists known or suspected coming across the border, thousands of gang members from ms-13 and other dangerous gangs coming into this country and once they were here illegally, let's keep this in mind. about a quarter of a million people were arrested in this country last year who came here illegally and those people were convicted or charged with 100,000 instances of assault, 30,000 instances of sex crimes, and 4,000 homicides. think about that. those crimes are 100% preventable. democrats would just come to the table, close the loopholes and secure our border. >> sandra: give us the details of this meeting today because i spoke to you on tuesday night after the first meeting like this took place at the white house and you said democrats interrupted the homeland security secretary, so what is a structure of the meeting today? is at a meeting, a briefing, how will that be different? >> not going to get to the
6:39 am
details of what we expect to see you are accomplishable when i can tell you was the numbers speak for themselves. democrats refused to acknowledge that and refuse to listen and that's what's so damaging here. the president wants to have a negotiation and he will not accept anything that doesn't protect the american people. he wants to open the government, fund the government. >> sandra: it really comes down to this and whether or not congressional leaders can get together with the president on this issue, it is becoming donald trump versus nancy pelos nancy pelosi. >> it is, but that's up to nancy pelosi in this instance appeared the very day we were in the situation room having the conversation about physical information on the crisis now at the border, no longer status quo, it's a crisis. nancy pelosi refused to hear that data come i didn't believe it, didn't trust it, and didn't care. >> sandra: how was he going to approach this? >> that is increasingly sad because just yesterday the president had a conversation with someone in nancy pelosi's home state of california, the widow of an officer who was
6:40 am
gunned down and killed by an illegal alien. i think about that for a second, nancy pelosi has not tweeted about it, has not commented on it, has not sent anything in the way of condolences for the family, so she is refusing to acknowledge her situation, a crisis at our border even as in her home state of california, they are literally putting someone in the ground who was killed by an illegal alien and she hasn't commented on it and won't listen to any information or data about the crisis we face in this country. it is shocking. she's got to come to the table and understand there's a crisis here even though she doesn't want to deal with the border, even though she says there is no wall, the president of the united states came into the briefing room yesterday in a monumental moment with people from the national security committee, from ice that he didn't say what he wanted, he said what those professionals, those brave men and women say they need and that is a wall to protect this nation among other things but a wall is paramount.
6:41 am
they think so, the security community thinks so and democrats refused to acknowledge that. >> sandra: here we are day too. we are in an era of divided government now and this new congresswoman from michigan, a camera was rolling on her when she was addressing the crowd and she used profanity, she cursed out the president and called for his impeachment. i just wonder what this says about decorum in this new era of divided government and the new congress? >> it shows he was on the mind of democrats right now, we even had one of the congressman yesterday called the president hitler. now she's using obscene language to describe this president. if they want to come to washington to engage in this type of nasty, ridiculous outrageous rhetoric instead of focusing on the issue at hand, we have a crisis on our border, people in this country are dying and those deaths are 100%
6:42 am
preventable and they are going to have a very difficult time in this town and with their constituencies because this type of rhetoric while it may ratchet up a few folks on their side, it is not going to do anything to fix the real problems we face in this country. >> sandra: 's 11:30, the briefing, any clarity there before we let you go? >> no, other than the fact that obviously want democrats to come to the table and recognize the crisis and work with us to offer a solution to the american people. we've got to have it, the american people deserve it. >> sandra: happening a couple hours from now behind you, hogan gidley, thank you. >> bill: veterans united yesterday, here is the you photo that gone viral. dan crenshaw of texas, and jim bayer of indiana, five eyes, five arms, four legs, all american. it beginning their first terms in congress, starting his second
6:43 am
term that is an awesome shot. very cool. >> sandra: you just heard from the white house, congressional leaders heading there to negotiate over the border wall and we will hear from a democrat on what to expect next. >> a situation that you would expect even a dollar of wall funding for this president in order to reopen the government? >> a dollar? $1, yeah. $1. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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6:47 am
>> bill: a democrat from california, good morning to you, congratulations on winning back the majority, what you think about that comment? >> it was certainly not appropriate, the issue of impeachment is not on the table, whether it will ever be on the table will have to wait further developments from mueller and other investigations that are underway but right now, we've got to get this government open, we've got to get onto our agenda, the health care agenda, the transportation infrastructure, good paying jobs, all those things are where we want to spend our time. >> bill: how about the tone? the tone of civility in the argument of decency on day one? >> it is not just day one, has been the last two and half years that we have seen a very serious decline in civility in our political processes are to be called back to the campaigns of 2016 and then carrying on to this very moment. we've seen some very, very harsh and frankly uncivil language
6:48 am
being used. >> bill: and talking points, you say this is not how we restore civility and decency free to >> that is certainly true. that is absently correct. each of us whether we are democrat or republican or president or any other physician has a responsibility of being civil. dealing with issues very, very controversial issues pursuing in a civil and polite way as best we can but i will tell you, all of us from time to time get overheated and sometimes our rhetoric follows that heat. >> bill: is talk about the wall and the shutdown, nancy pelosi was asked about $0.99 plus a penny, that equals a dollar. watch. >> is there any situation that you would accept even a dollar of wall funding for this president in order to reopen the government? >> a dollar? a dollar. $1.
6:49 am
you said a dollar. that's not your question. you set a dollar. the fact is, a wall is in immorality. it is not who we are as a natio nation. >> bill: what about that immorality comment? republicans are going to say this is about national security. either support national security and you secure the border or you don't. >> let's be very, very clear. the democrats have over the last eight years put a lot of money on the table, we have always advocated for national security, border security, and for the appropriate use of the taxpayer dollars to secure the border. the president wants $5 billion for a while but has yet to specify where that wall would be built or what it would be. a fence respect steel structure for concrete. >> bill: doesn't matter if it does the job? >> what matters is there be specificity as to where that wall will be, what its purpose
6:50 am
is, what its effectiveness will be for the task at hand. i am on the armed services committee and the transportation committee and we don't allocate any money for any project until there are specific plans. there are no plans at this point. the president wants a wall, then tell us where it will be, what its effectiveness will be. if we do know that we have problems with our ports of entry. we do know that the coast guard intercepts ten times more drugs on the border patrol. we do know that most of for a good many of the illegal immigrants in california -- in america overstay their visas. we also know we are very, very short on the administration of the illegal entries whether they are asylum-seekers or other. >> bill: we will see if they take it. i hope you come back, i am out of time but thank you for yours. democrat from california. >> sandra: the american man accused of being a spy in russia
6:51 am
is now officially charged with espionage. when evidence moscow says they have against him. hey... saved you a seat. this round's on me . hey, can you spot me? come on in! find your place, today, with silver sneakers... included with many medicare advantage plans.
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>> sandra: tensions rising at the israel-gaza border as demonstrators and israeli security forces brace for violence at the weekly palestinian protest. life at the israel-gaza border with more on this. >> for the 41st friday in a row, palestinians have gathered here along the israel-gaza border to protest the israeli blockade on the gaza strip. i do apologize, we are getting a lot of tear gas at this position. i want to show you the scene behind the words as erupted today. violence does continue but the violence is certainly restraint compared to past weeks where
6:55 am
we've seen grenades thrown towards israeli troops, that is due in part to the fact that the israeli government has approved $15 million in the money to be spent to hamas leadership inside gaza each month for the past three months. this is expected to continue for the next three months and a way for the israelis to along the border by restraining some of these protests working closely with hamas leadership on these very issues. today's protest to come amid some new threats from iranian proxies and then region bear the second largest group in the gaza strip threatening the israeli government and israeli military saying they would be willing to launch a southern front against the military here in this region. it is obviously causing some concern for the israelis and the egyptians today getting some new information saying that in the past year, they've actually found 37 titles in two the
6:56 am
peninsula. ultimately used against the israelis. i do want to tell you, we would be closer to these images along the border but the israeli military is keeping the media back, not allowing amid heightened criticism of their sharpshooters who have been ultimately firing these protesters who have gathered here along the strip. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: president trump top republicans, top democrats will all be there, given much ground of the moment, what will happen today? house minority leader will be inside the room but first, he talks to us first next life.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> sandra: a face-off in the situation room set to go down in 90 minutes. white house and republicans ready to battle it out with democrats over the border wall. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i am sandra smith. here we go. >> bill: i am bill hemmer, good morning. a first meeting on wednesday went nowhere. it days later side has given ground for the dynamics this time totally different. nancy pelosi officially taking the gavel yesterday but to be a fly on that wall, here is hogan gidley from 30 minutes ago. >> so far, all they're doing quite frankly is offering status quo solutions to a crisis situation. what we see on the border is something we have never seen before. the president wants to have a negotiation and he will not accept anything that doesn't
7:01 am
protect the american people. >> right now, seems to me that nancy pelosi has said she wants capitulation by the president. the president is saying he is willing to deal but they're not willing to talk, so we are at an impasse right now. >> speaker pelosi has basically aligned herself with her left wing and i think for her to back off will be very expensive made the president has said publicly so many times now that he won't sign anything that doesn't pay for border security and that for him to back down would be very expensive and i think this is one of those cases where exhaustion is the only thing is going to work. >> sandra: we have complete coverage, house minority whip steve scully says standing by. >> the white house schedule puts president trump in 90 minutes in a situation room meeting again with congressional leaders. they did this a couple of days ago, no result after that meeting they are, no agreement, this time democratic leader
7:02 am
pelosi is officially house speaker nancy pelosi again and she says democrats still refused to approve more money for a while. >> the president cannot hold public employees hostage because he wants to have a wall that is not effective, not effective in terms of its purpose, not cost effective terms of the opportunity cost is and the president has said mexico is going to pay for this. let's anchor ourselves into reality. mexico is not going to pay for this wall. so no. >> the white house rejects the house democrats plan to reopen the government without more funding for a wall. the president pitched his case in the briefing room last night alongside a number of border patrol council members peered he congratulated pelosi on becoming speaker again and says hopefully he and the speaker will have a lot of things to get done together. white house press secretary says nancy pelosi needs to get negotiate on wall funding. >> this is going to be a big
7:03 am
test of her leadership, whether or not she can bring the far left side of her party, she's got to get serious about protecting the people of this country. the fact that nancy pelosi put more for foreign aid, $54 billion in foreign aid and the funding bill but refuses to help protect our own country is pathetic and that something that has to change. >> democrats say they're open to more border security funding, just not that wall. >> bill: what to bring in our house minority leader steve scully's, welcome back. >> about a two hour drive, what happened on wednesday inside the situation room? >> you saw the secretary of homeland security try to give a presentation to explain just how serious the problems are the border and just how many violent criminals try to come across and in fact do come across and some are rested and stopped, many actually get through bringing drugs and other crimes.
7:04 am
we saw a cop get murdered last week. every single time secretary nielsen tried to give that presentation and point to the facts that are happening at the border, she was interrupted by both chuck schumer and nancy pelosi multiple times per they didn't want to hear the facts. i hope we can actually get into a serious discussion about how to solve the crisis. >> bill: that is why we brought you want today, nancy pelosi has a gavel. which is a big difference but other than that, what is different between wednesday and today? >> the devote for speaker is behind nancy pelosi, surely there were some concerns. only got 220 votes, needed 218 so she barely got across the finish line but at the end of the day, now she is the speaker but we still have a republican senate. if president trump has still been very clear about why he is trying to secure the border and was going to take to secure the border. that's really what this negotiation should be about. not about a dollar figure. the dollar figure is really about what it's going to take to keep the border secure and if
7:05 am
they don't want to secure the border, they need to be real clear with the american people but they can't come in and say they want to secure the border but they refused to appropriate any of the dollars it will take to secure the border. >> sandra: i just wonder what sort of pressure is getting put on the senate side, on mitch mcconnell who has stood firm that won't take up anything that doesn't include funding for the border wall but a couple of republicans have started to come out, cory gardner, susan collins putting pressure on mcconnell to open the government, we will deal with this later. are you saying that pressure on mcconnell? what is happening on the senate side? >> keep in mind, senator mcconnell has been very clear he's not going to bring a bill to the senate for the president is not going to sign because it's not going to solve the problem the president trump brought this up last year. let's go back to the omnibus bill last year were president trump said that he was going to sign the bill but he wasn't going to do that again. he was going to finally want to
7:06 am
address this problem so see a year ago by an absolutely no negotiations. is that we have the impasse and a shut down. over christmas, president trump stayed in the white house and said let's negotiate and not one day during that two-week period did nancy pelosi or chuck schumer try to negotiate. now they want to say let's go for another two weeks. at some point, we've got to confront this crisis at her border and why we have this crisis at the border. i think about this. yesterday, nancy pelosi passed a bill out of the house that will actually send taxpayer money to foreign governments to provide abortion, yet she won't support money to actually go to the department of homeland security to keep our border save in america. is what happened on the house floor yesterday. there is a clear difference in priorities is going to have to come to a head. it has come to a head, and ellis get a resolution and solve this this problem. >> bill: there's a different environment in washington as you know when you can feel yourself. a few democratic members of
7:07 am
congress filed impeachment articles yesterday, don't know where that goes. nancy pelosi address it and said it's a political issue and will wait for the report to come out. he sent out this tweet. how do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong, no collusion with russia, the most popular republican party with 93%. >> where do they think they go with this? >> the far left elements of nancy pelosi's majority want to go to impeachment or already threatening that in some of them using profanity is an incredibly inappropriate tone in washington to make their point. but they telegraphed this before the election. they said ultimately they would go to impeachment even if there's no evidence. this probe has been going on for a long time and it was all supposed to be about finding collusion and we have seen no
7:08 am
collusion with russia. we did an investigation in the house and there was none shown. mueller hasn't shown any and we know that place leaks like a sieve. if there is collusion, they need to show it but if not, it's time to move on. if the democrats need to confront this growing movement on the radical left side that wants to impeach no matter what, wants to harass the president no matter what. he was duly elected, he is trying to do the job he was elected to do. >> bill: as you well know, some of them are itching to do it. >> sandra: you reference profanity, this is an example of some of what we have heard on calls for impeachment of the president, she said when your son looks at you and says look, you won, bullies didn't win and i said baby, they don't because we're going to go in there and we are going to impeach and that is where the expletive is. she has responded to that and said a few moments ago, she tweeted out from her own account and this is not just about
7:09 am
donald trump. this is about all of us in the face of this constitutional crisis, we must rise. i will always speak truth to power, she tweeted. unapologetically me. just want to know your thoughts on what this new congress may look like in the decorum. >> there was no place for that kind of rhetoric and during barack obama's tenure, there were a lot of policy disagreements, myself and many of my colleagues had with him. we never use that kind of language and frankly when people brought those kind of words to the forefront, we called it out. they need to call it out on their side. that's not the way to address her differences with president trump. she'll have many opportunities to do it. it is not the way to handle it, she should apologize the democrats on their site should call that kind of language out as well. >> bill: apparently she is not going to so what does that leave your argument? >> in the end, we are so going to fight for the principles that we believe in. president trump is still carrying out his duties as
7:10 am
commander in chief to keep this country safe. this is not keeping the country safe. is not about a dollar figure, the department of homeland security has said what's going to take to keep the country safe and ultimately that number for this year is 5.6 billion. if they've got a way to keep the country safe, they opt up with that idea on the table today. they can't come and say they're not going to support a man is going to take to keep the country safe and stay there for border security at the same tim time. >> sandra: do you think they'll be a different strategy in that room today? how was today at the white house, how's it going to be different from wednesday? >> hopefully the democrats have some type of alternative. we passed a bill last congress that laid out how to keep the government open and secure the border that the president would sign. they didn't want to negotiate off of that number, the president has acknowledged multiple times that he is willing to negotiate but they have refused so at some point, going to have to want to be at the table negotiating, hopefully today we get closer. if asked me when you are the
7:11 am
minority now and one thing is when you are in the minority, you don't have much of a leg to stand on. this is what i'm trying to get at here. the question is, you and the minority party now, what can you accomplish over the next two years? >> they're going to be a lot of opportunities and what we can work together. here is a clear example. nancy pelosi is not going to be able to just ran through her ideas like yesterday of not funding the wall but funding abortion in foreign countries. that is not going to get signed by the president. ultimately, she is going to have to work with republicans both in the house and the senate. so look at last congress, there were probably 70% of the bills that we pass that got signed into law a bipartisan. they were clear partisan fight like the tax cuts and jobs act which worked to help get our economy going and start rebuilding our middle class. but that was partisan. most of the issues that we got to the president's desk from
7:12 am
opioid resolution. >> bill: unfortunately don't make headlines but thank you for coming in today. morehead at a moment here, louisiana senator, bottom of the hour, the senator is fired up and ready to go. we'll talk to him at 10:30 eastern time here in "america's newsroom" ." >> sandra: saying former marine paul whelan is a spy after he allegedly received a flash drive with a list of secret employees at a classified security agency. his family says that is not the case. benjamin hall is in our london bureau with more this morning. >> for the moment, seems to be russia's word against wheeling and his families word. they cut him red-handed an active espionage with his family insisting he was just there for a wedding. his lawyer is now seeking bail and russian courts have until the 24th to make their decision. russian media is claiming that
7:13 am
he spent the last decade developing a network of contacts in russia using social media. that's what led up to his arrest without a flash drive he just love traveling and helping to arrange a fred's wedding. much remains unknown who lives in this house in michigan. it has emerged he is also a canadian citizen, a british citizen, possibly an irish citizen and today also spoke ou out. >> individuals should not be used as pawns or diplomatic leverage. we need to see what these charges are against him, and whether the case or not. >> 's lawyer says he's in good spirits and he plans to plead not guilty. he also said he hopes he can be swapped for a russian who is behind bars in america and that is referring to the russian citizen who pleaded guilty to
7:14 am
acting as an illegal foreign agent in the u.s. though pointing out seems to be acting independently here is neither russia nor the u.s. has made any suggestion of an exchange so at this point, still a lot of questions, what does russia have against him? he is indeed for the moment being used is upon and may not be quick. >> bill: fox news again the, surging up and away. strong strong jobs report that came out of two hours ago hiring and beating expectations in a big way, almost double. more americans going back to work and are a team will dig into that coming up shortly her here. >> sandra: plus, ellen's a generous going to bat for kevin hart. with a comedian be hosting the oscars or is it too little, too late? >> i understand why people would be upset which is why i made the choice to not use them anymore. i don't talk like that anymore. that was wrong, that was a guy that was looking for laughs and it was stupid. i don't do that anymore.
7:15 am
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7:19 am
since it is due to more people entering the work lays. a spring in the a-team, robert wolf, founder of 32 advisors, former economic advisor to president obama, fox news contributor. if you look at this employment report, what does it tell you? >> the two bookends that you want a private sector job gains and wage growth and you had both. if the most important thing even though this number was unbelievable, we are now north of 3% and i know some people say is that inflationary, what will the fed do? this is a great number. any time are making more money, that's a good thing. i don't think we should worry about that. >> it was a blowout number and i think what we've been saying is you have to look at it in context of more people are entering the workforce, unemployment is still below 4%, that's an incredible number and
7:20 am
these numbers just crushed estimates that you have the president on twitter chanting the new jobs numbers, there some questions about what this means in uncertainty about rate hikes but overall, so happy to hear about is not inflation, it's a good thing when wages go up. as a good feeling for the american people but is a good thing for the economy. i hope the fed chair understands that way because the fear was that he is going to say that means inflationary environment they are, need hikes. the main thing about this number is it shows folks who said that we were just on a sugar high as a result of the trump policies to regulation and the tax cuts were wrong. this is more than a sugar high commitment hands out money as we have seen both in the obama and the gw bush years. they are about making it more easier and profitable for businesses to do the work they do and hire the people they hire
7:21 am
and that is what's going on here. not a sugar high, it is real economic growth. >> sandra: we got a response from hogan gidley to the report. >> 72% of the people now in the job market actually came in from the sideline. that highlights just how bad the barack obama economy was because so many people have just given up hope. >> you that up. >> i am not going to make this a partisan issue, today was a good number, had 96 straight months of private sector job growth so we have had some great years of job growth. what i would say is we are still lagging, no disrespect to what the white house is saying, the participation rate is still at 63%. used to be in the mid-70s so that is telling me. >> sandra: not under barack obama, it has come up. >> he was at 62 or 63 mesilla
7:22 am
63.1. this is not either or. so a lot of people on the sideline which tells us there's a skills gap. we have to move on that skills gap is why there is more jobs available than people looking. we do it's not all go when you look at what happened yesterday. here's the headline here from an article in cnbc, apple just lost facebook market value declines and speak exceeded value of nearly any u.s. company, the concern in their china slumming for apple in china and the ceo did talk about problems with trade. >> he was caught off guard and that's dangerous for apple. the ceo should not be behind the market. the ceo has information about what's putting him ahead of the market. clearly he admitted in his statement to investors that he was caught off guard by the china sales. he shouldn't have been. he had enough information coming in so unless he was not telling
7:23 am
the truth about whether he was surprised, he shouldn't have been surprised. apple has a problem with regard to reinventing itself. have to go back to steve jobs. he was the perfect combination of a good ceo directing his company but also a genius when it came to packaging products. it was a tough act to follow. >> bill: that trade will grow the mounting frustration stealing american technology. we can see that with a tariff battle. blocking western firms from its market generally refusing to play fair in global trade. it could further damage western enthusiasm for china as a trading partner. where does the chinese tariffs battle go now? >> the pressure is on both, both
7:24 am
sides. the chinese economy is slowing, seeing a lot of warning shots fired not just by apple but other companies, automakers, luxury good makers. on worrying about what's happening in china. the pressure is on both xi jinping and president trump to reach some sort of deal. they are at a cease-fire at the moment but unclear where they are heading after that. they are negotiating, they seem to think this is a good place. we wanted this to happen because we need to bring china to the table and get them to stop the tech transfer, stealing of technology, all of these other problems of the white house. >> bill: one more tweet from the president today. as i've stated many times, the democrats take over the moment we won the senate, they won the house. things will settle down, they only want to impeach me because they know they can't win in 2020. all three of you, do we have an expectation for how this economy will do under a divided government? >> we've had about 50% of the
7:25 am
economist now talking recession. i am not there. i think we'll see study two and a half, 3% growth. we will continue to see a vibrant jobs market that we do have real issues. i think manufacturing is slowed. agriculture has been hurting. consumer confidence was down in december. all those being said, we were better where we were but not when we want to be and the tariff in the trade war is hurting us. we cannot disregard that. >> unknown, but a lot of these policies are trauma policies and i don't think a republican or democratic house is going to stop that. >> the democratic national committee, we would go guns, unfortunately he has not. there is no deal that is going to be made. my prediction at least in 2019, no deal is going to be made between the democratic house will be able to sign.
7:26 am
just don't see it in any way, shape, or form. >> sandra: think you two are a team. >> bill: some breaking news, now hearing five children, two big rigs in two cars collided. police are now treating this as a homicide. we'll have a look at that coming up in a moment. >> sandra: the presidents battle for border security intensifies, democrats refused to pay for a while. can today's meeting at the white house produced a way forward? senator john kennedy is on deck and he joins us live next. >> in this business about illegal immigration does not depress wages is nonsense on a stick. he must have been throwing the frisbee in the quad during econ 101.
7:27 am
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>> bill: five children among seven people killed in a fiery hire a crash that happened last night. it is a homicide investigation said to be under way, this was the scene there last evening. big rigs and cars colliding sparking a big fire. laura ingalls live in our newsroom with more on how this happen. good morning. >> i just got off with a spokesperson at the highway patrol that tells me the youngest victim and his firing crash was just eight years old. investigators holding a press conference right now at this hour and are confirming those early reports that the passenger van involved here was coming from louisiana and headed for disney world. >> i don't know all the relationships between the people that were on that van. i don't know exactly how many people were in the van, but it was a large passenger van and i suspect ten to 12 people in them. >> it happened yesterday in the middle of the afternoon on one of florida's busiest inner
7:32 am
states. the crafts which involved a passenger van and a sedan killed seven and injured eight. reported 50 gallons of diesel, investigators say one of the big rigs might have gone through a guard rail or at least that's what it appears. this crashes being labeled a traffic homicide which the florida highway patrol tells me is routine policy for this type of crash because there are multiple deaths. one witness told reporters the big rigs exploded into a ball of flames just seconds after the crash. the highway itself was damage from the intense flames and now investigators are trying to piece together how it happened in. vehicle parts, personal property and some bodies were scattered across the blackened scene. investigators say their top priority right now is identifying the victims. they dispatch their critical stress management team which will assist family members and first responders and witnesses
7:33 am
who are the scene. >> bill: thank you for that here in our newsroom in new yor new york. >> an important part of american sovereignty. a president trump is doing the right thing making sure we understand what is moving across the border and we do so with enough border security so we have confidence and we can do this on behalf of the american people. >> sandra: the trump administration defending demands for a border wall. democrats refusing those demands. one hour from now come around to you in a situation room, the president for republicans and democrats so who will blink if anybody? joining us now, louisiana senator john kennedy, perhaps you can give us your thoughts and expectations on this big meeting happening an hour from now. >> good morning, happy new year. i don't believe we are going to end the stalemate until senators mcconnell and schumer reassert
7:34 am
themselves. and i can tell you, not going to jump in the middle of this until senator schumer makes a move in here is why i say that. establish the democratic position here, she has changed her position, it is subtle but very real, last week her position was the border walls don't work. now it's much different. now it is border walls are immoral. border walls are an abuse of human rights. you can see the next step, you don't have to be a senior to know that the next step is going to be legally the border walls that we have now that are working. in san diego in yuma and el paso. i just don't think that
7:35 am
mrs. pelosi and the president are going to be able to work this out because the president cannot afford to give into her position. lindsey graham is talking about a deal. we exchanged border wall money for daca amnesty. i'm willing to listen but the problem i have on this we have six amnesties since 1986 and every time we were told if you just give us amnesty, we will seal the border. we never seal the border and a lot of americans who believe in border security as i do say if you are talking about another amnesty, we're just going to get hit by the same truck twice. if you really want to talk about a deal in addition to border wall money, i would want to see something in there about requiring e-verify. you either believe in border security or you don't. >> bill: what if a couple of weeks ago, are looking at
7:36 am
something that would do daca, e-verify, 5 billion, $10 billion in border security but with that get a "yes" vote from you and others? >> i've gotten no i'm a very fair question. i've got to know that this time is different, that if we do amnesty of any form or fashion, we are really going to seal the border and get serious about it. and right now, speaker pelosi is running the show, and she makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigration. if you disagree with her, you are a racist. i think that is a very unreasonable position that the majority of american people don't support because they are too smart to support it. we do we know that mitch mcconnell has for the most part stayed on the sideline inside the house needs to negotiate, nancy pelosi and the president need to work this out
7:37 am
and get together on this. susan collins is one who has emerged as a republican calling on mitch mcconnell to move on this matter and step in. not saying their whole plan is a valid one but i see no reason why the bills that ready to go in on which we've achieved an agreement should be held hostage to this debate over border security. do you think that we will continue to see growing pressure put on mcconnell to move? >> yes, but mcconnell tough, he's not going to give in. at least, i hope not. i don't believe that he will. if the key person in getting this worked out is not mitch, though certainly is important and it's not speaker pelosi and is not president trump. it is chuck schumer. because the position of the democrats as articulated by her new speaker keeps getting further and further to the left
7:38 am
and more ridiculous. i don't mean any disrespect but it's one thing to debate the merits of a border wall whether they work or not. i think we win that debate easily. but when you take it to border walls for border walls are an abuse of human rights, what you're saying is no border walls, not just new border walls but no walls in yuma or el paso or san diego, she would tell the israelis to get rid of a border wall with the west bank, i guess she would oppose the border wall between north and south korea. that is a sea change. i just don't see the president being able to reach an agreement with it. >> bill: i think you're right about that, cory gardner is saying go ahead and pass the spending bills and isolate this issue and make it about national security and that's what susan collins is reacting to as well. >> i respect them both. they are friends of mine, i just
7:39 am
disagree with them. >> bill: did you see the instagram name that came out yesterday, the wall is coming from the west wing. >> i didn't see that. >> bill: so he is not going to give in. you see anyway, can either side save face, can they do it together were not? >> somebody is going to have to give in, may be both sides are going to have to give something, but i don't believe that speaker pelosi, no disrespect, can get it done. i think schumer has to get involved and if he gets involved, mcconnell gets involved and we have to get out of la-la land that we now need any kind of wall and get back to what is realistic. i don't think the president is going to budge. he is as i said before, when i talk to him, he is a serious as four heart attacks and a stroke. this guy is not bluffing. if i were playing poker with him right now, i would fold the got the cards and he is not bluffin
7:40 am
bluffing. >> sandra: senator kennedy, always a pleasure to have you on the program. we will see where this all goes moments from now. >> bill: happy new year, off we go. another big story today in a moment, democrats immediately setting their sights on president trump, will an impeachment effort gain any traction now that they control the house? movements filed yesterday with one of the democratic lawmakers leading the push coming next. >> it shows he was on the mind of democrats. if they want to come to washington to engage in this type of nasty ridiculous outrageous rhetoric instead of focusing on the issue at hand, the going to have a very difficult time in this town and with their constituencies. s to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ends sunday.
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7:45 am
good job. the thing that we can do that most shows respect for the offices did not have someone there who has committed high crimes and misdemeanors on the one hand and is hurting the country on the other. >> bill: that is a democrat, brad sherman california. one of two lawmakers to introduce a resolution yesterday on impeachment. the first day of the new congress. the a-team is back with us. shelby holliday and david as men. how are they going to manage this one? >> i am not supportive of us talking about anything with impeachment. i am not supportive of the comments made by the new congresswoman for sherman's comments. i'm certainly supportive of mueller finishing the investigation and adam schiff taking over the new intelligence but doing it the right and ethical way. certainly not impeachment talk, we should be talking policy. >> bill: hard to hold the pony's back. >> it is. but it will be discussed and it has been discussed in the past year so it's not a new word that we are hearing all of a sudden about the american public is not for impeachment if you look at
7:46 am
polls and nancy pelosi us with really matters here. any effort to impeach a president would have to be so clearly bipartisan, we are not at that point. no republican wants to impeach the president so i just don't see it happening. and there will be a lot of talk but i don't see any action. >> i thought that brad shipman was a sensible guy but for him to say that 300 million americans don't want trumpets president, he is living in la-la land if he believes that. it is nonsense. the kind of rhetoric that is coming out from the people who are pushing for impeachment as opposed to at least wait until the mueller investigation is finished. >> bill: she would wait on that but it's hard. >> sandra: be asked newt gingrich about this earlie earlier.
7:47 am
>> her left wing is going to be deeply bitterly hostile. going to be issuing all sorts of subpoenas, natural pattern will be to be tough. what does she gain by giving into donald trump? >> i agree with speaker gingrich. i believe that subpoenas are going to be flying left and right, i'm not sure if they'll be directly at the president but they'll be circling the wagon. there is no question that there is a large voice on the populace left to our anti-and who are waiting to take over the majority in the house is going to be a lot of subpoenas floating. i don't think it's good for her policy but where we are. >> bill: rashida to leave had the quote of the night last night. a newly elected freshman from
7:48 am
michigan, one of two muslim women in the house of representatives ever, and here is her comment late last night. look, bullies don't win and i said they don't because we're going to go in there and impeach and off it went. here's what the president said. how do you impeach a president who is won the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong, it was the dems that colluded, had the most successful first two years of any president of the most popular republican party in history, 93%. >> i hope she doesn't talk to her son exactly that way and i don't know how old her son is to use that kind of language. stability is hard to find inside either side at this point, but that was really beyond the line. again, i think nancy pelosi is giving a lot of ground to the left wings and this last election and the democratic side, but she does seem to be holding the line on this whole subject of impeachment.
7:49 am
if mueller has a fraction of an inch, a millimeter that could be considered evidence, there's going to be in impeachment but i think the president is saying bring it on. look at what happened to bell clinton, it helped his ratings. >> sandra: perhaps he is because he tweeted this out, as i've stated many times, if dems take over the house or senate, there will be disruption to the financial markets. we went back the senate, they won the house. they only want to impeach me because they know they can to win in 2020. too much success. >> that's quite a tweak. the key thing with nancy pelosi as if we learn anything in the past two months, she is not beholden to anyone on the far left her within her own constituency. if two months ago, we were talking about whether she'd have the votes and then introducing her, nancy pelosi is a leader for a reason. i don't think she's going to budge just because a couple new congressmen and women want to
7:50 am
impeach the president. i would say that things could change with the mueller report. she wants it to be bipartisan and that's the key word. it won't go anywhere in the senate anyway so there would be no point. >> bill: think you, sir. thank you, ma'am. >> sandra: comedian kevin hart opening up about his decision to back out of hosting the oscars. while he now wind up posting the premier award show after all? >> headlines are saying ten years ago he apologized. nobody is finding the apologies. nobody is finding the footage from when i had to address it. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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7:54 am
>> bill: prior to their meeting in the white house, kevin mccarthy talking about disappointment, going to stay and finish the deal. >> what kind of administration you're going to have it when nancy pelosi and her team basically said that they want to leave instead of staying in town for the weekend and work with this president stayed over the entire christmas break waiting for an offer, not one of which came to solve this problem in terms of both not only opening the government but securing the border and we go to the white house today, i hope
7:55 am
they'll actually listen to secretary of homeland security nielsen in the same as that really going on at the border that are very alarming. when you look at the numbers over 3700 are suspected terrorists that were stopped from entering the united states in 2017. the thousands of criminals who have come over across our border to commit very serious crimes, over 900 kids by our eyes agents and nancy pelosi and a lot of her team and her majority want to abolish. as of what has at stake over government funding. so then you look at what bill they passed out of the house yesterday. they passed a bill to basically allow taxpayer money to go to foreign government entities to provide abortions but nancy pelosi wouldn't allow taxpayer money to go to the department of homeland security to keep this country safe. i think that shows a clear difference in priorities and approaches to what
7:56 am
president trump wants to do to keep the country safe versus what nancy pelosi wants to do to ignore this problem and refused to negotiate. >> i think that you also have seen yesterday and over the course of the last 24 hours in particular a real ramp-up and rhetoric and name-calling and the kinds of partisanship the american people are sick and tired of. you have speaker pelosi say that she thinks the president doesn't know how to deal with strong women. let me just say that in my experience, strong women want national security. strong women want to know they're going to protect the border of this nation. it is not about name-calling, you had references to hitler, had a very foul language used in accusations of the necessity to impeach so we are in a situation where the democrats are clearly bringing into this offense that they take charge a level of rhetoric, level of attack, level of vitriol that is not good for
7:57 am
the country and ignores the very real national security challenge we face. so i hope that they will today determine that they have got to stop playing these games, stop passing legislation that will not have any effect. and help us secure this border so they can get on with the work of the people. >> you say there's been a ramp up the rhetoric, the president also using some pretty foul language and rhetoric that republicans often criticized for not calling out, this is just another flavor of that from the other party? >> if you just look at what we've seen, and i am not going to repeat the allegations because frankly, i don't want my kids to hear them but you have seen over the last 24 hours very foul language. any comparison to hitler, to nazism are absolutely outrageous. i think suggesting that we are doing anything here, trying to do our work, they gave a speech
7:58 am
as she took over yesterday making clear that she wants to heralded a new era into washington. we would like to hope that that new area includes getting substantive work done for the american people and in particular securing the border making sure we are protecting the security of the nation. >> when you guys were in the majority just a short time ago, putting up government or do whatever, why is this the generation? >> the bill that the new majority took up, they already knew in the meeting for you has a leader in the senate that he would not take it up because it would not become law. even schumer had said if you look at the quote that they should not take anything up as a president is not going to sign. so nancy pelosi knew this bill would go nowhere. we knew from in that meeting that we could not come to any conclusion or get a compromise based upon that she had to have a speaker vote.
7:59 am
so now we have avoided, the government has had to be shut down for this. i hope they're going to be serious in this meeting, much different than they were in the last meeting. i wish we could have stayed here this weekend and solved it. if you want to keep everybody here, we could have stayed here and solve this problem. it would not take a long time. we know where the differences lie and we know how to find compromise. we've done it many times before that's why the president is having another meeting. does she support the language? did she talk to her new member about a? she's the speaker of the house, she is also head of the democratic party, she has a new freshman in the coming individual that uses that type of language it has a determination of what she's going to do with no facts and
8:00 am
basis. i think as a leader and the speaker to have a conversation with this member on whether she approves of this or not. i think of these new comments are of the house majority going to be serious about anything? i set up on the dais, provided the gavel to the new speaker, talk about ways we could work together, laid out firm core principles that we would not compromise on, and then we see this language going forward? how do you work with anybody if this is what they really have planned? did they go down into a place, have a move that others are watching, using foul language, they just want to impeach the president over what basis, we have government shutdown right now, where their priorities? we gave them an opportunity to show their priorities but they are committed to the american people and put the people before politics and we will open government back up and make sure we are able to secure our
8:01 am
borders, no. they voted no every single freshman democratic came in decided to pick politics over the country. and that was wrong. then we watched a new freshman stand up, use this language, get cheered by their base and watched a brand-new speaker say nothing to her. that is not the body of what we survey. that action should not stand. someone should stand up to bit. you know when our freshman class data? they put a resolution together to actually work with one another, to not use foul language and they got almost every single freshman to sign on to it. this is the difference with this new congress, and it's wrong. >> the president not so long ago for her to a woman as horse fac face. >> i think a lot of them did not process. you watch the action that we
8:02 am
took in our house, it is our responsibility. when we were in the majority, we laid out a resolution and we took it beyond the freshman that we can act in a basis and respect for one another and not use that. this is the first time of where they're going through, they have an opportunity, let's see what action is new speaker will take and see what action when these freshmen go away because the first boat they just made was to leave and leave government shutdown instead of stay into your job. that's important, thank you very much. the one that was red-hot, 21 hours into this new government. the shutdown, the impeachment, the civility and watching washington, d.c. and they will head to the white house for another meeting two and three days now on the border battle. >> sandra: kevin mccarthy, a lot of passion on a lot of energy there as they walk into that meeting. talking about the differences with this new congress. expect to hear a lot more from that coming up, that meeting
8:03 am
28 minutes away. welcome back to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i am sandra smith. >> bill: this morning's meeting comes now as you saw this meeting from two days ago essentially blown up at the white house and a lot of the reaction getting from congress has to do with these comments that were made on behalf of the democratic freshman last night when she talked about impeachment and rather crude terms on behalf of the president and that is part of the carver station. >> sandra: rashida tlaib use profanity to describe the president, called for his impeachment. we have since heard multiple republicans on this program alone this morning call for her to apologize for that. you just heard that again from kevin mccarthy, you also heard him speak out about that and kevin mccarthy, a call on nancy pelosi to stand up to that new congressman, we will see what comes from that. >> bill: leading our coverage this hour, 30 minutes away give or take, you start seeing some members show up there. good morning. >> good morning.
8:04 am
was how this should all play out. shortly after 11:30, we expect there to be a coordinated briefing offered to the democratic leadership as well as republicans in the situation room. i say should happen because keep in mind the last time as you well know, speaker pelosi and chuck schumer, the senator from the great state of new york repeatedly interrupted homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen preventing her from sharing part of her presentation. yesterday, the president and his very first trip here to the press briefing room was flanked by women and men who served along the front lines of the border battle and he was able to take their message directly to the american people. >> we are all affected by the shutdown. we have skin in the game. however, it comes down to border security. we are extremely grateful to president trump and we fully support what he is doing to take
8:05 am
care of our nation's borders went to take care of the future of the united states. it has nothing to do with political parties. >> a short, but powerful statement there. and so the real question now is what democrats deal to make the wall happen or will they simply leave part of this government shutdown in indefinitely? >> we are hopeful because the people that elected nancy pelosi didn't elect her to come up here and do nothing and didn't elect her to play political games. they elected her to find real solutions and work with the president and work with all members of congress to get things done. >> very interesting. we expect a still picture in a situation which obviously means that we can't get cameras down in there but usually the white house would get a still pick and a readout after it's all over. i promise to pass along what i can as soon as i get up but for now, back to you. >> sandra: things changing by
8:06 am
the minute. >> bill: used on that news conference, republicans fired up demanding democrats negotiate. nancy pelosi now in charge and has the white house. doug mckelway is live on the hill watching the scene from there. hold a 21 hours in. good morning. >> that is right, that's a great point. there were some other ominous signs of the shutdown may last for a long time. the longest on record occurred in the winter of 1995 during the clinton administration lasted for 21 days. one man who once held the position that speaker pelosi now holds suggest this one may last longer. >> i think there's a point where some democrats will start to say we've got to find a solution. we could be weeks away from that. this could go on easily for them to february or march. >> capitol hill is now waiting and watching what happens at the white house. members of both houses are pretty much powerless at this point to affect the outcome in
8:07 am
the meantime. any resolution is pretty much in the hands of three people with speaker nancy pelosi holding an outsized role. >> now that she is back as a speaker, has some flexibility. we'll see whether she is willing to make a deal. senator schumer of the democratic leader in the senate is looking to her to take the lead on the negotiations but this is a deal that has to be cut between nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and donald trump before senator mcconnell will bring it up on the senate floor and then pass it. >> one sign that pelosi is unwilling to make the deal is at the first press conference she held last night at 7:00, indicated more than once in that press conference at any talk of funding a border wall is not negotiable. >> we are not doing a wall. does anybody have any doubt that we are not doing the wall? >> adding to the sense of pessimism, senator cornyn right after he did his interview with you whether there are staff negotiations on going through
8:08 am
this impasse, it was his belief that there are not. usually this happens when you have an impasse but there are none, bad side indeed. >> bill: doug mckelway on the hill. >> sandra: meanwhile, president trump and how speaker pelosi planning to meet for the first time since nancy pelosi claimed the speaker's gavel. the anchor fox news sunday, good morning to you. we are just a few minutes away from this meeting. he just heard kevin mccarthy, he was fired up top of the hour. >> they are under no political pressure to make a deal. if nancy pelosi were to go into that meeting and come out and say i've agreed to give the president funding for the wall, she would probably be thrown out as speaker. her democratic caucus, this is
8:09 am
an article of faith now for the vast majority of them. if president trump were to come out of the meeting and say i've agreed you're going to do funding for the government and no wall, that's a bit of an exaggeration saying that would be the end of his presidency, extremely damaging, it's one of the reason a lot of people voted for him. so i don't see any possibility of a compromise at any time soon until one side begins to feel some political pressure which i don't think either side feels right now. >> sandra: so fired up about the shutdown but also fired up about what he referenced as the foul language that was used by y the new congress woman, democrat rashida tlaib. these were the comments to which he and the other republicans that stood there there reference multiple times.
8:10 am
>> every single new freshman democrat that came in just decided to pick politics over the country. and that was wrong. and then we watched a new freshman stand up, use this language, get cheered either base and we watched a brand-new speaker say nothing to her. that is not the body of what we serve and that action should not stand. somebody should stand up to it. she is the speaker. that individual starts at her caucus. others in her caucus would. >> sandra: here is the language of the new congress woman to which he was referring. >> when your son looks at human says a look, you won. bullies don't win. and i say baby, they don't. because we are going to go in there and impeach. >> sandra: mccarthy asked the question, how do we work like this? they are using foul language like this, he went as far as to say that pelosi needs to stand up to this new congress woman. >> first of all, the language is utterly unacceptable. secondly, we are talking about a congresswoman that neither of us
8:11 am
had ever heard of before yesterday and nancy pelosi hasn't had an opportunity to say anything but it does raise a bigger issue which is that one of nancy pelosi's toughest jobs is going to be controlling her own caucus. she's got a solid majority but there are some firebrands, some of them they would like that congresswoman, some of them old like brad sherman was filing articles of impeachment that's one of the things that nancy pelosi is very conscious of. she does not want to overreach, she does not want the democratic control of the house to go off on a side track of impeachment before there's any evidence that would rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. she is certainly going to wait until she sees what comes out of the robert mueller special counsel report but is in indication that she is on top of this tiger and she is a speaker but she's going to have to try to keep some control over it and that's not going to be easy both rhetorically and in terms of actions by some of the democratic members.
8:12 am
>> sandra: she is not apologizing for those comments. she's come out on twitter since then and said this is not about donald trump at about all of us in the face of this constitutional crisis. she tweeted out we must rise. she also put out hashtag unapologetically means a lot of folks in washington talking about this this morning. we await that meeting a few minutes from now, good to see you and happy new year. >> and i just will quickly say we are going to have sarah huckabee sanders on the show with the very latest. who knows what's going to happen by sunday, but my guess is still going to be talking about a shutdown, going to have a house democratic leader an interesting penalty adjusted with two new house members, former cia officer, margarita former army flight surgeon helped cancer saddam hussein, republican from tennessee. new members, new ideas, they want to break the gridlock. >> sandra: big show lined up for this, thank you. >> bill: he was another topic
8:13 am
for you. the stock market plummeting yesterday and look where we are today. new jobs numbers are out, the economy shows that we have gained 312,000 jobs close to double what they expected and here is the dow. 685 to the upside after the seesaw we saw yesterday. apparently the fed chair is talking and saying we will be patient admitted. i had it. amid conflicting signs. investors like that his reaction with type i not aggressive. >> sandra: interesting to watch the market as this meeting begins and goes on with market reaction there will be to that so we are watching all of this gate on the dow halfway through the day. we are minutes now as i mention from president trump's big meeting with congressional leaders at the white house. the white house is calling for cooperation from nancy pelosi.
8:14 am
>> it is shocking. she's got to come to the table and understand there's a crisis here even though she doesn't want to deal with the border, even though she says there isn't a wall. >> sandra: so who will be the first to blink? rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is here, she will join us with her thoughts on the border wall battle as it heats up next. are you a veteran,
8:15 am
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8:18 am
>> democrats broke off negotiations about a week ago made it clear you're about to make a deal but it's a deal that's going to result in achieving real gains on border security, you have no border security without a wall. no wall, no deal. we really are prepared to negotiate. we are prepared to talk. >> sandra: vice president mike pence reiterating the white house will reject any spending bill that will include a border wall funding. nancy pelosi back as speaker, what are the chances that's going to happen? joining us now, rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. perhaps you can answer that question for us. >> i think she is doubling down on the obstructive agenda. now it's going to be exposed for the american people to see and yesterday, was very clear. they gave $54 billion in foreign aid to other countries and they chose to ignore the crisis at her border.
8:19 am
we have 800,000 cases backlogged in our courts for these asylum claims. could not solve this problem, more interested in getting foreign aid to other countries and protecting our country. >> sandra: we spoke earlier with the white house and gave us some details about this meeting happening in a few moments, the situation room is the last one was, eight members or leaders from both parties, both chambers of congress will be there. but i just wonder, what is a strategy going into this, how is anything going to come out differently than it did on wednesday? >> i hope that speaker pelosi and chuck schumer listen to secretary nielsen this time, they interrupted her, they were rude. secretary nielsen is dealing with our border agents, has the facts about what's happening with our homeland. they should give her the respect and listen to her report. i hope that happens today.
8:20 am
>> i'm hoping that she will be there but i don't have that knowledge. agents at the border, saying they need reinforcements and hell. the democrat party is now the party of sanctuary cities, abolish ice. the laws and borders that we have is that it has decreased illegal crossings by 90%, she called that a moral. i think it's immoral to give more money to foreign governments than you do to protect our borders. the president is asking for a 5 billion and she gave 54 billion to foreign governments. if her priorities are out of whack, the american people now see republicans are fighting for our country, democrats are doubling down on obstruction and everything against his president that they can do instead of solving the problems at home. >> sandra: going to be an interesting next hour or so. ronna mcdaniel, thank you. >> bill: again, awaiting the white house and will bring it to
8:21 am
you when it happens but in the meantime, where as a top north korean diplomat? he has gone missing in europe and something he may have defected. if true, look in that mean for the communist regime? we will look at that next. >> sandra: plus, the search continues for the man accused of shooting and killing a 7-year-old in texas. >> motive to us at this point becomes a secondary thing because right now, it is a whodunit right now. once i determine who did it and where he is, we will understand motive. let's take a look at some numbers:
8:22 am
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8:25 am
warden and asked whether or not she would talk to her about her remarks about the president and she said apparently i'm going to talk to the president about his language and then said i'm going to talk to the president about her remarks. it is unclear whether or not she intends to talk to her democratic colleague, but we will stand by for more on that. that's on camera, we just don't have it in just yet but once we get it, we will pass it along to you so back from the hill a moment ago. >> sandra: north korea's top but did diplomat has gone into hiding according to a south korean lawmaker. senior north korean official and potential embarrassment for kim jong un. greg palkot is live from london with more on this. >> more reports i'll be at unconfirmed of a possible high-level defection from north korea. the person in question is a guy who was the acting ambassador
8:26 am
for north korea to italy. apparently well-connected, father and father-in-law are also top north korean diplomats. the embassy itself very important. smuggling luxury goods to north korea and the u.n. food program based in rome. apparently he and his family went missing in the early part of november again, said to be under protection of italy now we are learning somewhere in europ europe. at the very least, could be a major annoyance for kim jong un just laying out his agenda in the last thing he wants us to go public with dirty laundry but a confession by a former ambassador here in london from north korea in 2016 also caused quite a stir. likewise as president trump tries to revive negotiations with north korea, if some negative information comes from this deflection, he may downplay
8:27 am
that, they have been talking recent days about their interest in doing a follow-up to last year's singapore summit. if there increasing chatter about that. again, all of this is unconfirmed and if confirmed, it is sure that any country that applies for the asylum act will grant him that. there could be some interesting information about that and will be tracking it. back to you. >> bill: 11:27, we are only minutes away from the second getting in three days back in a situation room talking about the border crisis and the government shutdown leading members of congress who will meet the president. if this while a freshman congresswoman made history last night, made history yesterday by only the second muslim woman swung into the house. then she stirred up some controversy a few hours into the evening, unfiltered remarks about impeaching the president and getting a lot of headlines today so we'll get reaction on that coming out momentarily. >> sandra: a reignited feud between president trump and
8:28 am
senator mitt romney sparking strong reaction on the hill. >> for him to come into the senate even before he sworn in and call the president dishonest is not productive and i think it's going to backfire on him. >> sandra: much more on that coming up with kentucky senator rand paul who will us next. so simple, so good. get the recipes at today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice.
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8:31 am
>> sandra: speaker nancy pelosi responding to comments by congresswoman rashida tlaib regarding our call for impeachment of the president using some profanity earlier this hour. republicans held a news conference where they sounded off on that incident among other things. gillian turner following all of this from our d.c. bureau this morning. >> so the brand-new congresswoman isn't apologizing for her use of profanity in describing president trump. instead, she is now plunging back against critics were calling her words asinine and say it is beneath her new office. just a short while ago on
8:32 am
twitter writing this notched about donald trump, this is about all of us in the face of this constitutional crisis, we must rise. to this after an earlier tweet this morning where she said i will always speak truth to powe power, hashtag unapologetically me. last night, the michigan democrat is one of the first muslim females ever elected to the u.s. congress said this to a crowd of her supporters while speaking at a move on rally. >> we are going to go in there and impeach. >> she didn't mince words on the campaign trail when discussing the president either. frequently highlighting what she sees as a necessity to impeach. she said in an interview last april i keep telling people this is about electing a jury that will impeach him and i make a heck of a juror. republican leaders now are starting to weigh in. >> i think these new comments, is the house majority going to be serious about anything?
8:33 am
>> the big question now for her democratic colleagues is how to handle this no holds barred approach? democratic leaders have for months carefully toed the line when it comes to the i word. speaker pelosi has taken great care to leave the option open but has also shied away from openly advocating for it so now she may be forced to make a game times decision. >> sandra: gillian turner in washington for us. >> bill: awaiting the beginning of the high-stakes meeting, congressional leaders arriving at the white house two sides trying to hash out a deal to reopen the government. they will go back inside the situation room. 14 days until a partial shutdown. standing firm on the money for the border wall. we will bring in the latest develop is on that. i would say happy new year, you probably don't see it that way but nonetheless, happy new year and welcome to 2019. here is the meme that went out
8:34 am
on instagram, the wall is comin coming. and the font of the "game of thrones" from hbo. can both sides find a way to declare victory if not today in a couple of weeks? >> i think there is a compromise. at the democrats last year, almost everyone of them in the senate voted for $25 billion for a wall. now the president is only asking for 5 billion. the democrats new position is zero so i figure you take their position of zero, the president's position of five and split the difference. if you would have billion dollars and that would probably be adequate to have a deal where both sides can say they didn't give the president what he wanted but the president didn't cave in and get nothing and i think he does have leverage because this is only a portion of the government is not open so i feel there's a very good chance he could get what he wants but i think it's illustrative to see what the democrats have offered as their
8:35 am
counter and their increasing name to other countries to over $50 billion, $12 billion increase in foreign aid. many of these countries hate us and burn our flag. the president campaigned on america first so he wants to spend that here at home and i think the democrats are going to have a lot of explaining as to why they won't spend any money at home and security but they're willing to send it to foreign countries, many of whom burn our flag and chant death to america. when we watch the swearing-in yesterday, the hand over the gavel is the proper way to phrase it. how do you see this relationship between president trump and nancy pelosi? how does this develop over the next two years? what are we in for? >> i think the president is a dealmaker and he will sit down with the other side and try to figure out how to split the difference but i do think also that the american people are going to realize how important it is to have a republican president and a republican senate because we're going have to do is protect the country
8:36 am
from these radical progressives, socialist and the democrat party who want to raise taxes again on corporations which makes us uncompetitive with the world, want to raise individual taxes and they really want the government to own everything. they want the government involved in every sector of the economy. they're just getting started. we are going to be very, very lucky that the republican senate and the republican president will stop the country from slipping and sliding toward socialism. >> bill: in the meantime, some calling for impeachment already, some articles filed yesterday. nancy pelosi said let's held on and see what popular has been the end and you have the salty language from last night that went around getting a lot of headlines today and people already questioning it again the drain of stability in washington, d.c. how do people in bowling green, kentucky, see this? >> people do want us to work together. we are evenly split in kentucky. they would like to see us work together from a personal point of view, i don't want to hear
8:37 am
that kind of incivility because i think it encourages violence and i've been the victim of violence, at the ball game when steve scalise was shot and i was 10 feet from another young staffer who was shot so i'm not really excited about the language getting so hyperbolic that encourages people to violence. there are violent people who live among us and they don't need encouragement. so i would assess congresswoman to tone it down and saves you can talk about policies rather than calling the president names. we have enough crazy people in our country that would put the president's life or any of our lives at risk that we don't need that kind of language. >> bill: want to get you on one more topic, we had newt gingrich on and he wrote a piece for about mitt romney's comments of "the washington post." here is the former speaker and how he characterizes mitt romney's strategy. >> it's a way to make noise but it actually isolates him and push puts him in a much narrower situation but he's been a very
8:38 am
successful businessman. he could come in there and have a really positive ideas. he can make a real contribution, but the posture as the anti-trump i think is a really narrow career path and i just think my guess is he has some advisors thought this was clever. >> bill: two days ago with a headline, how president shapes the public character. he agreed with a lot of the policy on behalf of the president, doesn't like him personally and that was pretty clear and you came out and kind of hammered romney the other da day. >> i just don't think it's productive to call the president dishonest. i think it was a mistake and there's a lot of blowback now coming from it. i'm willing to get on with things of the senator from utah wants to work on border funding or wants to work on foreign policy in different issues of the day, i think he can get beyond this. i think it was a misstep and it will hurt his relations with the president but i think we have to talk about policy. i've had disagreements with the president all the time but we
8:39 am
have warm personal relationships and he knows that sometimes i'll disagree with him but he also knows that i'll defend him when i think it's partisan and i think attacks on his character are simply partisan. they are something the democrats buy into it is not useful for republicans. >> bill: does this affect your relationship with your new colleague? does it affect the relationship of other republican senators and working with him? >> i hope not. my reason for being very vocal as i want to defend the president and defend our agenda. i think our agenda is damaged. tax cuts, less regulation, supreme court picks, all that is damaged if you damage the person who has helped bring that about and that is the president and for publicans and congress searched want to get beyond this and i think we can get beyond this still have good -- i think the responses let's get away from character attacks muskets back to policy. >> bill: thank you for your time. welcome to 2019, rand paul.
8:40 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, getting our first look at the man suspected of shooting and killing a 7-year-old girl in texas. police releasing this composite sketch of the suspect described as having white skin, blue eyes, and a thin build. along with her three sisters on sunday. $100,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. he went 20 minutes now before the hour, a case of a colorado man suspected of killing his fiancee taking a bit of a new legal turn sparking a constitutional debate. we will tell you what that's about and house democrats taking new action to protect bob mueller from being fired, details on that in a moment as well coming up next. r jet thing. but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah
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8:44 am
today for the release of evidence being withheld by prosecutors. the feeling of that evidence sparking a back-and-forth on due process, he is accused of killing kelsey berreth, presumed to be dead on her body is not yet been found. the couple shared a 1-year-old daughter. >> sandra: as democrats pleasure and a new power shift in congress, incoming house judiciary chairman jerry nadler introduced a bill that would block president trump from firing special counsel robert mueller bear this on the heel of newly elected house speaker nancy pelosi saying the president's office does not necessarily protect him from indictment. let's bring in former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. always great to have you on the program. a couple of questions for you first of all. democrats clearly day one make a move to protect robert mueller in this new congress.
8:45 am
what does this tell you about where this investigation goes in the new year? >> this is not a surprise at all. the democrats were always very open about what they plan to do if they were to seize power in the house that i think this bill is the first of what will likely be a long series of mueller protection measures intended to protect the special counsel in the investigation from trump termination. in my opinion, i think it's unnecessary. the president is getting a lot of good advice not to fire him so i think it's an open question as to whether this measure is even needed and i don't think it has much of a chance of making it all the way through the senate. >> sandra: in a joint statement yesterday released the following statement, as a special counsel announces new indictments and guilty pleas from trump's closest allies and associates, it's clear that the threat to the mueller investigation will only grow stronger. that is their forecast. this is called a special counsel independence and integrity act.
8:46 am
it would also give the special counsel written notice of removal and the opportunity to challenge the move in court with the republican-controlled senate, unlikely they will take this bill up but they talked about it in the war and what questionable intentions. i just wonder if they're going to get anywhere with this. >> i don't. i think they're doing this for political reasons and as you point out, this legislation has about a very curious stuff in it including ability for bob mueller if you were terminated to go into a federal court and litigate whether his termination was unlawful. i think this raises pretty deep constitutional questions any time you place restrictions on the president's ability to hire and fire members of the executive branch. you start getting into very great constitutional areas. as i said, i think this is the first mobile likely be many attempts by the democrats to make political statements to try to insulate mueller.
8:47 am
i don't think it's necessary and even as this investigation starts to reach its end, i guess the other way to look at it is the investigation presumably will also be nearing its end point so i think there will be a lot of sense for the president just the same play the string outcome of its end and put it all behind us and move on. >> sandra: one more question to you one nancy pelosi was asked about the possibility of indictment of the president. she says he is not immune. basically left it open-ended. do you agree with the fact that the president is not immune from indictment? >> i think that when nancy pelosi thinks the justice department going all the way back to the days of richard nixon going up through bill clinton under republican and democratic administrations alike have all concluded that they cannot indict a sitting president. the constitutionally prescribed remedy for presidential behavior is the impeachment process. it is not indicting a sitting president. i think what speaker pelosi is
8:48 am
saying is while the supreme court hasn't weighed in true enough but the fact that he has indicated he will respect doj guidance and not seek to indict president trump really closes the book on this questio question. >> sandra: that is an open discussion in terms of the law. quite clearly you disagree with that. great to have you this morning, thank you. >> bill: "outnumbered" is coming up next, going to be a busy day. here is melissa and harris on a busy friday. >> it is friday, so can't be bad. right now, the president's meeting with top lawmakers for the second time this week to talk shut down now on day 14 in case you're counting. funding for the border wall is still the issue with newly minted speaker calling the wall immoral and saying they will be no money for it. the white house sticking to its guns while saying that without a wall, there is no border security so who knows where you go from there. >> i think we can count in weeks now. after a serious slide in the
8:49 am
markets, stellar jobs report could be the good news investors were needing. plus new talks with china over trade are coming up. we will debate where the economy really is going in the new year and of course, the politics surrounding all of it. >> all that plus our special guest in the middle seat come out number top of the hour. >> bill: have a great weekend. to the white house we go in a moment but of team scored on her s.a.t., she is looking for a lawyer. so i ask you, why would that be? >> sandra: back and take a guess. >> instead of celebrating her and her achievement, they are trying to assassinate her character. we met i did not cheat. i studied to achieve my dreams. but with a range of sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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8:53 am
>> sandra: a florida teen fighting back after she is accused of cheating on her s.a.t.s. camilla campbell hiring a prominent civil rights attorney after the testing company told her the results were under review. >> i did everything that i could do to get ready and get prepared because i know that i could achieve my goal and to be told you did too much, you put too much effort in and we don't believe that you could've possibly done this on your own. >> sandra: she scored a 12:30 on the exam, and improvement of 330 points from the first time that she took the test. her attorney is pushing to have the second score validated in time for campbell to be accepted into florida state's dance. >> bill: good luck with that. how did you do? i think i was around 250. but climbing, i think. >> sandra: a tough time in your life, studying for those.
8:54 am
>> bill: forget it. a growing number of immigrants being stripped of their american citizenship as they investigate more than 2500 potential cases of fraud. has that story live in l.a. now. good morning. >> good morning, the process of denationalization has been around for years but now the number of people being stripped of their citizenship is slowly going up and some are uneasy about why it's "happening now." in june of last year, the u.s. citizenship and immigration service, u.s. eis announced it was launching a task force to identify people who gain their citizenship using false identities. this was actually the continuation of a process that started in the bush era and continued under president obama. from 2009 to 2,016, only 16 cases were filed per year. but during the last two years, a total of 65 cases were filed. in 2016, a government watchdog
8:55 am
found more than 300,000 fingerprint records had not been uploaded into a database used to check identities. and that some of those people had entered the country under false identities. about 2500 cases of are currently under the microscope. >> these are individuals that knowingly committed fraud to try and fraudulently obtain immigration benefits. in the message here is that that won't be tolerated and that our u.s. citizens and our country deserve more than that. >> but critics allege it is not so straightforward. one former ice attorney who used to pursue denationalization case is used to focus on criminals with serious felonies or ties to terrorism, now she says they are not so selective. >> i also think that they're going to go after individuals who are not a threat to this
8:56 am
country so why are you doing that? >> why do you think they're doing that? >> i think they're doing that because they really want to limit the population of immigrants that may not necessarily vote for the republican party next time. that's why i think they're doing it. >> those are harsh allegations. no question, it is a controversial program. back to you. >> bill: we will follow it. >> sandra: president trump meeting with democrats, round two of those talks to end the partial government shutdown, will the president look at the wall? the latest on those negotiation negotiations. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. va loans are all they do. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back.
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>> sandra: fox horse nfl host terry long gearing up for a very special 59th birthday this sunday. he will get to watch both his sons squared off in the nfc wild game. that will be exciting.
9:00 am
one place for the chicago bears, and the other for the philadelphia eagles. i will give this a go. >> bill: has 59th birthday, happy birthday to howie. go bears? >> sandra: come on. that's a wrap. thank you, everybody. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, right now the president has congressional leaders back at the white house as the partial government shutdown approaches two weeks. reportedly, there is no deal in sight for the president and democrats. neither side is budging. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. lisa boothe, radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall, and we welcome for the very first time in the center seat, from the great state of florida, republican congressman matt gaetz. great to have you. >> matt: great to be here. i have done almost every show on your network, but this account has been my white whale. [laughter] great to be here with you, this caps t


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